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Turkey's visa policy is the prerequisites that a foreign national must fulfill to be granted permission to travel, enter, and reside in Turkey. The Turkey visa policy varies according to the traveler's nationality, the length of their intended stay, and the purpose of their visit

According to Turkey's visa regulations, several foreign citizens must either get an electronic visa (e-Visa) or a visa from a Turkish embassy or consulate before traveling to the country.

Applying online for a Turkey e-Visa is the simplest and fastest way to obtain visas for Turkey. From any location with an Internet connection, you can complete this in a short amount of time.

Several foreign passport holders, however, are also permitted to visit Turkey without a visa for brief stays for either business or tourists, according to the Turkish immigration policy.

Visa-exempt nationals must still apply for an embassy visa to go to Turkey for stays that are longer than allowed or for other reasons that necessitate a visa.

Applying for a visa at a Turkish embassy or consulate will get you one of several different types of visas. If a visa is necessary for entry into Turkey, the applicant must apply for the appropriate visa type based on the intended reason for their visits, such as a tourist visa, work visa, student visa, business visa, or transit work visa.

You can go to Turkey from your home country if you follow the detailed list of Turkish visa policies below.

Turkey's Tourist Visa Policy

Apart from some nationalities, who are exempt from Turkey visa requirements, all other international visitors to Turkey are required to get a visa to enter the nation.

Those who want a visa for Turkey must acquire one of the available visa types before traveling, be it an electronic travel visa permission using an online form or an embassy visa from a Turkish diplomatic mission in the nation where they reside.

The e-visa for Turkey is available to citizens of more than 100 different countries. You can get the e-visa by filling out a simple online application form. An accepted visa will subsequently be provided to the traveler through email. As there is no longer a requirement to physically visit a Turkish embassy, this significantly shortens the time it takes to obtain a visa for Turkey.

Depending on the traveler's nationality, a Turkey e-visa may be issued as a single or multiple-entry travel visa permission with a variety of authorized stay lengths.

All Turkish e-Visas are granted for brief visits for either business or touristic objectives.

Those who qualify for Turkey e-Visa and want to stay longer or travel for other reasons must apply for a visa in person at the Turkish embassy or consulate that is closest to them. This also applies to people who are not permitted to apply for e-visa.

Additional details regarding each country's visa requirements for Turkey are provided below.

Turkey visa policy for students:

The Turkey visa policy for students is more liberal, but it is subject to certain conditions. Students who wish to study in Turkey must have a student visa. Only Turkish educational institutions are permitted to issue student visas. Turkey's Educational Institutions must be recognized by the Council of Higher Education.

Turkey visa policy for employers:

Employers who wish to sponsor their workers for employment in Turkey must first apply to the Turkish Labor Authority for the certificate of employment. Next, the employer should apply for a work permit for their employees at the Turkish Embassy/Consulate.

Turkey visa policy for business:

The Turkey visa policy for business is a trifle strict but offers lots of advantages to Turkish business persons. To qualify for a Turkish business visa, the businessperson must have a duly signed contract, visa support, passport, and photographs.

E-visa Requirements For Turkey

Since its implementation in 2013, the e-Visa for Turkey has allowed eligible citizens to apply for a visa online before traveling, doing away with the need to visit a Turkish embassy or consulate before applying for a visa.

By completing a brief online application with essential passports and personal information, one can apply for online visas for Turkey in only a few minutes. The applicant will get an email with their approved Turkey e-Visa after it has been processed.

Depending on the country of the passport holder, the Turkey online visa is provided as a single or multiple entry visa that permits stays of 30 or 90 days.

More than 100 nationalities can easily apply for a Turkey visa online, however residents of about 60 of these nations must first fulfill certain additional requirements, which are listed below.

A comprehensive list of all the nations for which a Turkey e-Visa is available is also provided below.

List of countries that require an e-visa for Turkey.

Additional Requirements of E-Visa For Turkey

Around 60 countries and territories' passport holders are qualified to apply for a Turkey e-Visa only if they fulfill additional requirements based on their nationality. Here are a few illustrations;

These citizens' e-Visas are only issued as single-entry visas, with a 30-day maximum stay allowed in Turkey.

Application Steps…

Register and Apply


Complete online application

Verify and Pay


Confirm Payment

Get Visa via Email


Receive approved Visa

Embassy Visa for Turkey

Regardless of the reason for and length of the intended stay, over 60 foreign nationalities are obliged by Turkish visa requirements to apply for a visa in person at a Turkish government diplomatic office in their home country before traveling.

The procedure for requesting a Turkish embassy visa often starts with the applicant scheduling a visa appointment at the closest Turkish diplomatic post. Then, to proceed with the consular interview, it is typically necessary to print and complete a Turkey embassy visa application form.

It is vital to specify the kind of Turkey visa the applicant needs when submitting an embassy application. This will depend on the trip's objectives, including whether it is for tourism, business, family visits, employment, education, or for other reasons like passing through Turkey en route to another location.

The duration of a Turkish embassy-approved visa depends on why the traveler intends to visit the nation. The approval process for embassy visas can take up to several weeks, therefore applicants are recommended to apply well ahead of their trip.

Find out if you need a visa from the Turkish embassy by looking through the list of countries below.

List of countries that require embassy visa for Turkey

Countries That Don't Require A Visa To Visit Turkey

According to Turkish visa regulations, citizens of certain countries can enter Turkey without a visa for brief stays.

Citizens of about 80 countries do not need to get a visa to enter Turkey. Depending on the traveler's nationality, the allowable length of visa-exempt stay ranges from 30 to 90 days.

Turkey allows the citizens of certain nations to enter the country without a visa either for business or tourism However, several nationalities can enter Turkey without a visa only for touristic purposes.

Most of the time, a valid passport from one of the qualified countries is required to enter Turkey without a visa. Some nations that do not require visas can enter Turkey without a passport by using their national ID card.

Citizens of Turkish visa-free nations are obliged to get either an e-Visa or a visa from a Turkish diplomatic post to travel to Turkey for longer stays or other purposes which is not allowed without a visa.

The complete list of nations whose residents can visit Turkey without a visa is provided below.

List Of Countries That Don't Require Turkey Visa

Turkey Visa is not mandatory under certain circumstances

While the majority of visa-free visitors can visit Turkey on business, nationals of the following nations may only do so for tourism:

Jordan, Lebanon, Kosovo, Mongolia, Qatar, Serbia, and the United Kingdom are among the nations in this group.

If they fulfill certain requirements, people of the following other nationalities may enter Turkey without a visa:

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