Requirements for Turkey Visa

Requirements for Turkey Visa

Why it is necessary to know about the requirements;

There are different requirements to apply for a Turkey visa in different foreign countries. There are rules and regulations, one has to follow to visit that specific country. Some countries have strict rules and regulations while others may facilitate visitors with comparatively less strict rules and regulations. The point to ponder is rules are everywhere. So one must know about them before visiting a specific country to have a happy and safe journey.

What are the requirements for Turkey Visa?

Talking about turkey, which is a country in between Europe and Asia, we will go through almost all the visa requirements and conditions. There are some countries having a ban by Turkish authorities. Their citizens can not enter Turkey easily like others. They have to go through a long process.

There are some other countries having a visa limit for Turkey of 150,160, or 180days. Citizens of some countries can even enter Turkey without a visa.

So it is very important to know about the terms and conditions regarding your country to the Turkey. It will help you in visa application and later on during your stay in Turkey.

Why you want to visit a country?

The very first thing which is important, is why you want to visit a country, or in our case Turkey.

Wherever you want to go, you will have to answer this question while applying for the visa.

It might be a study tour, business tour or tourist travel. One may go for higher studies,meeting clients and to have fun. Requirements may differ depending upon the purpose of visit.

E-visa for Turkey;

In this modern era, now you also apply online for getting visa known as e-Visa. It facilitates the visitors without going to embassy or consulate. Turkey also facilitates a number of visitors by e-Visa.

Whoever you are you can apply online for the visa of Turkey except for the certain conditions.You want to study, you want to meet your clients or you want to have a visit only, you can apply for it. It is just like some clicks away. You need not to visit any embassy. You are not required to go through the long and hectic process of visa application.

Requirements for e-Visa;

For this purpose, you will have to provide the following things necessarily.

Who can not apply for E-visa

There are certain conditions when one can not apply for E-visa. Rather he will have to go through all the process manually and present his documents to the embassy afterwards.

The conditions are as:

In the above mentioned conditions, online visa is not enough to meet the requirements of turkish embassy. So you have to go through the whole process although hectic one.

Importance of Application form;

Application form is of special importance. It provides the embassy with all the required information about you.

You will have to fill it as:

Passport Pictures for application form;

As per the criteria, pictures are required to verify the application form and for scanning purposes later:

Requirements for sticker Turkey Visa

Accomodation proof;

You want to stay for one night or one month, you have to give your accomodation/residence proof.

It may be a:

Hotel in Turkey

You have to provide all the information about your reservation in the specific hotel.
A booking letter having your name with entry and exit dates will be your proof. It will be attached with the application from.

A host's residence;

If you have been invited by one of your friends or relatives in Turkey, you will have to mention their name address and your relations with them. A letter of support will also be required showing the financial status of your host and their income source.

Financial status/bank statement; why it is necessary?

It is necessary to give a proof about your financial condition. So that Turkish authorities could know tha you have a stable financial status to support yourself during your stay there. It must be enough to about 50 Lira per day. In case obeing f called by someone already in Turkey, you can even show statement less than 50 Lira per day, along with details about your host.

There are different methods for different professionals.

If you are an employee, you will provide;

If you are a businessman, you will show

If you are called by your spouse

You will submit all the mentioned documents and details about him / her too. (Bank statement, address and marriage certificate etc).

Special requirements for under 18;

If you are under 18, You will have to provide the following documents additionally along with other documents.

Consent letter

if only one parent is going to visit with the child,he will have to provide the consent letter from other one.

Death certificate;

If one of the parents is deceased,death certificate is necessary

Custodian rights documents;

If the child is from a broken family or there is a third person except parents who is the guardian of the child.Court custody documents are required.

Police clearance certificate;

You will have to provide a clearance that you are not involved in any kind of crime in your country in the recent years. You have a clear past and present.You are not involved in any drug case too.

Medical certificate

You will have to provide a proof that you are physically and mentally fit or in other words medically fit. You are not going to put risk to the health of foreign country's people.

Corona vaccination record;

You will have to provide the vaccination record too because of the pandemic since last two years. It will state about your negative corona test and your resistance against the virus.

Travel booking proof

Either you are going by road or by air you will have to give the proof of your booking.
If you are going by flight, you have to provide flight booking details (date and time).
If you are preferring a road trip, you will have to provide the equivalent documents to the embassy or consulate.

More details about study visa;

Nowadays, getting Turkish visa is a dream of many students. Reasons are different. Some want to go there due to the historical importance of the country. Some are willing to get a master's or PhD degree from there. others may have their different reasons.

For study visa, the best and affordable method is to go to Turkey via scholarship.Many universities in Turkey offer different scholarships in different fields of study.

Scholarships are of many types. They may be fully funded, partially funded or on fifty percent ratio.It depends upon your curriculum vitae and grades in your highest degree of education.

If you get a fully funded scholarship, you will go to Turkey without any expenditure.University may offer a handsome stipend, residence etc too. But if you are married or have a baby, you can not take them along with you. They will have to apply for a visa separately. Such a visa is known as dependent visa.It is not that costly.

Secondly,if you get a partially funded scholarship, you will get a chance to take anyone with you.Either your husband, baby or any other family member. In this case, your partner does not require to apply for visa separately.

Many websites are now there, where you can go through the whole process by paying some amount in dollars. You can also apply directly online to Turkish universities. A reference letter is often demanded there.

Your visa success also depends upon the curricular and co-curricular activities during your degree.It also matters in your CV.

Moreover,your proficiency about Turkish language is also important. If you know Turkish language at a better level than others, then you will be certialny preferred for the visa. You can also opt for your courses (Either in English or Turkish)later on.

A person from Turkey can also send you a study visa. It is also another easy and common method now a days.

Concluding the topic, whoever you are wherever you are, you must check about all he pros and cons of the matter of visa application. There are different conditions and visa durations for each country. So one must be very careful about it. It will lead you to a successful entery to the Turkey.

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