How to Apply for an Urgent Turkey Visa Quickly!

What can be the hustle in these situations? Got married without a plan? and now you want a trip to Türkiye? These situations often come around and can happen to anyone. Sometimes you get into the nitty-gritty of things that you forget to take care of the important stuff.

Now imagine all this is happening to you, and you forgot your visa to Turkey! Turkey- is a country known for its exquisite beauty and enriched culture. If you miss out on something like this then it will be the regret of a lifetime. You will not be experiencing a country that separates the west from the east, its famous places, a picture on the Bosphorus bridge with the melting sun and so much more!

We understand! and most of us have been in a similar situation like this too, you dream of something and then you see it crashing down upon you, but don't worry. We have something for you that will lift your spirits, we at have brought to you detailed information on how you can get an urgent visa to Türkiye. Witness an event of your life and enjoy this thrilling experience to its fullest!

So, sit back and read because this easy guide to a Turkish visa will save you hours!

E-Visa requirements

The standard visa requirements for an urgent visa are the same as that for a normal visa processing, you can head onto the website here and check our article on how it is done.

One thing noteworthy is that make sure you check in on the urgent box on the application.

What does urgent refer to exactly?

An urgent check box says what it does, you can check this if you need the emailed visa even quicker. The normal processing time for a visa is three days. Anything quicker than that will require you to check it.

Delivery Times

The delivery time of the visa is the time it will take to land in your inbox. Make sure you check in with your email frequently.

How quickly will I get my urgent Visa?

The estimated time according to the people who have experienced the haste is about fourteen minutes! Yes, you read it right. Only fourteen minutes. Fill in the application and go talk for a walk! because your visa is on your way. In this way, you won't have to hustle with the waiting times, long hours of anxiety, and the hustle of being late for an important event.

So, the Turks really are quick right? Have it on your phone and travel hassle-free, note that the visa is checked only at the Turkish airport after you reach. This means you can submit an application, travel and check your phone, and voila! there in your inbox is lying the golden ticket.

This facility saves a lot of hopes and dreams and enables people really benefit from the e-visa system instead of the ticket one.

How long will it take for my normal visa?

Just like we said if you follow our simple steps and apply for a Turkish visa, the email should land in your inbox within 3 days. The 3 days is the minimum time and still can stretch on way more than this. If you are applying for a non-urgent visa, make sure you don't keep a three-day margin as it can delay your days and mess up the holiday plan if you are looking for any.

Although the urgent might take a little more than that to be sure if you have tight schedules running on some serious plans that could not be modified, we strongly recommend you to consider the urgent option.

Countries Eligible for urgent Visa

Every country that can take a normal visa can have an urgent visa as well, the same applied the single or multiple visits.

However, there are certain countries that neither require a normal visa nor an urgent one, once you are on the application field you will see a blank where you are supposed to fill in your country of residence.

The countries that are eligible will only appear here.

The countries to which this urgent visa does not apply since 2020 are as follows

If you are a citizen of

Then you don't want a visa altogether.

Be Careful

Kindly note that the validity time of the urgent visa is the same as that of a normal visa and can even be terminated in case of any wrong communicated information.

All the information is thoroughly checked in by the staff and often results in termination, the main reason for this is the hasty work.

It is often the saying that haste makes waste and this is true as well, the urgent visa is often applied when you are either under stress or in a fight and flight situation this can cause typos. However, at this stage, you can't afford those because you are already running on a tight schedule. Make sure you check closely all the required information that you have filled in. It might take a couple of seconds but it will save a lot of your time in the future as well.

Proofread the application as it is your way to get to your dream destination!

When do I have to show my urgent Turkish visa?

Once you land in Turkey you have required a visa. We are sure it will get to you by then. The visa is sent through an email, which means you will have to be careful that the email is working properly and you are getting in the notifications!

So, landing in your dream country, accessing the airport internet, and flexing the e-visa that you got in just under 14 minutes. It will be so much better than the sticker visa and way quicker as well.

Cost of the urgent Turkish Visa

The only thing different between the normal visa and the one with the urgent check box is its price. It's not too much. After all, it is saving you from so much hustle and gives you peace of mind.

As discussed, the price of the normal delivery depends on the country of nationality. For urgent delivery of the Turkish visa delivery in your email, you will need 20USD rush process and 50USD super rush process in addition to your already calculated expense. This means in this amount you can get all the benefits and won't even require you to go the extra mile!

Benefits of the urgent Turkish visa

It has a large number of benefits, most importantly it gets the job done without having you sit for hours.

Here are a few benefits of the urgent Turkish visa, it will ease you down as you go along.


In concluding the above discussion, we got to know the benefits of the Turkish urgent visa application process. How it is the best service out there to hold your hand and pull you out in your hour of need. An urgent visa is something that is offered to all those countries that can have the normal visa which can be more awesome than that! It works exactly the same way and exempts the countries that can travel visa-free. It not only works in providing you the urgent help but also isn't much money as compared to its benefits. In case you are struggling with what to do, worried with trepidation have a read and all your problems will woosh away!

Have any doubts? read more to find out the questions most people have!


No! You only need to check in a box, to enable that the processing should be urgent.

This time for an urgent Turkish visa is ideal and might cause a delay of a few minutes to an hour, but most of it works the same way!

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