Visitors International Stay Admission is what a VISA stands for. It is one of the most crucial documents that a tourist or visitor needs in order to enter or have entry to countries other than his/her country. In Latin, it is a word that means the document that has been viewed. It is a piece of paper that is issued in the form of a stamp that is placed on the passport of a traveler. It is a form of authorization granted by the government of a visiting nation to remain there for a predetermined amount of time. Visas come in a variety of forms, such as

  • MEDICAL VISA, etc.

The processing of a VISA is always done at the embassy of the country of interest or the consulate’s office. This is always a tedious process that requires waiting for months. It forces travelers to anxiously wait for months for the documents to return from a foreign country. This and many more reasons forced many countries of the world to start accepting electronic visas called E-VISA.

What is a Turkey e-Visa?

E-VISA is a type of Visa that is processed and obtained electronically. The process is a simple process that requires the travelers to fill out all necessary application forms online and also submit all the required documents pertaining to the processing of the visa online. The processing, submission of documents, and payment are been made online. Decision on the application is also communicated to the travelers online via their e-mails. As an alternative to visas provided at borders, this type of visa is created.

If they are eligible for Turkey visa, any traveler can use the E-VISA system to apply for Turkey visas online to the countries of their choice. These visas are typically provided for travel-related reasons. Other types of visas are not yet covered by the system.

Currently, most nations of the world employ this method of visa issuance to attract more tourists to earnest the economic benefits derived from E-VISA generation by removing strict visa regulations and also saving time in processing and procuring of the visa.

Turkey is one the numerous countries of the world that have employed the issuance of visa electronically. The Turkey evisa was introduced to grant foreign travelers across the globe to gain entry to Turkey.

The Republic of Turkey's Ministry of Foreign Affairs introduced the electronic visa application system in 2013. This is done by applying online by accessing the government-approved. This has affected the economic growth of Turkey through tourism. Tourists visiting Turkey do not need to go through the tedious process of obtaining sticker visas, all they need to do is apply for their visas online by making use of the E-VISA system provided for them by the government of the Republic of Turkey.

Turkey e-Visas come in two different varieties that we can separate. Which type the candidate qualifies for depends on their nationality. There is a:

  • Single-Entry Permit for a 30-Days Stay
    A single-entry (tek giriş) visa allows you to enter Turkey once. After you leave, no matter how long you have stayed in Turkey, you must pay for another visa to enter Turkey again.

  • Multiple-Entry Permit for a 90-Days Stay
    A multiple-entry (müteaddit giriş) visa allows you to enter and leave Turkey multiple times within its period of validity (normally 30, 60, or 90 days) at no additional charge.

E-Visa or Sticker Visa To Turkey?

Which Turkey e-visa best suits your travel needs depends on a variety of factors. First and foremost, it's crucial to be aware that all visitors to Turkey, including infants and children, must apply for a visa. Only those with Turkish passports are exempt from the requirement for a visa. Turkey offers two different types of visas which are sticker and electronic visas.

Travelers must apply for a Turkey electronic online visa if they will be in Turkey for fewer than 30 days and 90 days (E-VISA). With the aid of the internet, this is possible to process and monitored on computer. The final approved E-visa is sent to the traveler through his/her e-mail used during the registration and processing of the visa. People who intend to travel to Turkey for a period longer than 30 and 90 days, work for a Turkish company, study or live there must apply for visas at the embassy (STICKER VISA). Every online application for a Turkish visa results in an electronic visa, commonly referred to as "e-visa Turkey."

Once you have decided on which visa type you are eligible for, the next step is to apply for the visa itself. However, the fee required for the sticker visa is about five times more than the Turkey Visa fee required for the e-visa. The e-visa can be filled out online, and you will also receive your visa via email. The sticker visa requires specific documentation, which will be mentioned at the time of applying, and it will also require a physical interview for visa validity. The total time for the visa to process can vary from 3 days to about 15 healthy days, depending solely on where you are requesting the visa from, what type of visa you are requesting, and what is your nationality. One major advantage of E-visa is that in a single online application form, an e-visa can be applied for multiple people at once. Only a single payment will need to be made in that case.

Requirements for Turkey E-Visa

Nationals of eligible countries are allowed to apply and receive Turkish e-Visa after submitting an online Turkey visa application To apply for a Turkey tourist online visa, applicants from Turkey e-Visa eligible countries are required to:

  • Have a passport valid for at least 6 month beyond the duration of the stay in Turkey.
  • Provide a current email address to receive the approved Turkey tourist online visa.
  • Provide a credit or debit card to pay the Turkey e-Visa fee.

The required data includes:

  • Full name of the applicant as it is written on the passport
  • Data and place of birth of the applicant
  • Occupation
  • Purpose of travel
  • Marital status
  • Previous travel records and experience of the applicant
  • Passport issue country, issue and expiration date
  • Expected date of entering Turkey

Tourists are allowed to enter Turkey only after their visa and passport are stamped and verified by the authorities of Turkey. Another important aspect to note is that there are compulsory coronavirus SOPs and measures applicable to all travelers. Such as every traveler will fill out a digital form to inform about their recent travel history and passport details. They must provide a negative PCR test result along with a vaccination certificate.

Validity of Turkish Visa

Once the E-visa is approved, the validity starts immediately after the arrival of the traveler in the country and expires after 180 days. The stay duration is different entirely from the validity period of the E-visa. The stay duration of the tourist is determined based on their nationality; it varies from 30-90 days. It is worth noting that Turkish e-visa is a single-entry permit for some nationalities and some nationalities may enjoy multiple entries.

Turkey e Visa Application Form

To apply for the Turkey E-visa, it must be done in advance, let’s say 3 days before your travel in order to avail you the opportunity to receive the necessary entry permit on time. Documents needed to fill the application form differ with a different nationality. To start the application process, you need to get all these documents ready. You start the registration by stating the purpose of your travel. After that follow and complete the following steps:

  • Fill out the basic details about yourself and the trip. You will also fill out your passport information and your current email address in which the E-visa will be sent to.
  • You will be asked to upload all the required documents needed for your nationality to process E-visa to Turkey i.e. documents needed depend on your country of citizenship.
  • The next step will be online payment. Payment can be made with a debit or credit card or any other method of online payment.
  • Once all these are done, a confirmation email containing your application number will be sent to you.

After all the above steps are carried out, team of Turkey e-Visa experts examines it to make sure the information it contains is complete and accurate, and that the correct documents have been attached. Final decisions and processing times are at the discretion of the government of Turkey. Your approved online visa for Turkey will be sent to the email provided in your application.

Turkey Visa Urgent Application

Turkish online visa is delivered usually within 1 - 3 days. However, if you need to leave for Turkey tomorrow, or even today, it is possible to receive your visa within 1-4 hours. In that case, you will submit an urgent Turkey visa application that will be processed immediately by the authorities. Very urgent applications are processed within 30 Min. But, keep in mind that the sooner you want the visa, the higher will be the visa fees.

If you need Turkey e-visa on an urgent basis, you can apply for it. The process is the same as a typical e-visa. All you have to do is select the time in the form according to the urgency of your visa. You can choose any package from these two according to your needs

  • Super Rush: The processing time of this visa is just 30 min
  • Rush: The processing time of this visa is 1 - 4 hours

Turkey Visa Fees

Turkish visa cost depends on the visa type, processing time, and the traveler’s nationality. Every applicant has to pay the fees to cover the expenses incurred when processing the visa application. Currently, the government accepts online applications for tourist / Business visas. A visa service fee will be applied every time you apply for a Turkey electronic visa to cover all the expenses regarding the processing of your application. You will need to pay this fee while submitting the application form for your visa. The visa processing won't start until you pay the vis fee. The amount is not fixed, and you might pay more or less depending on your nationality.

The e visa is a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to the traditional sticker visa as the fee is much lower in comparison to the sticker visa. There are no additional expenses involved, as well. Such as you don’t need to make multiple trips to the Turkish embassy, which usually incurs other travel expenses. You can apply from home and pay the Turkey visa fee using a debit, credit card Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, or UnionPay.

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FAQs About Turkish e-Visas

You need to have a valid passport and access to internet

Yes. Turkey E-visa can be rejected if all the necessary requirements are not provided. You need to re-apply after 24hours of applying.

No. You cannot claim refund once E-visa is rejected by the Turkey Government.

Yes, you must have a valid passport with at least five to six months left to its expiry. This is one major requirement needed, otherwise the visa will be denied.

The day you enter or leave doesn’t matter as long as it falls within the stipulated permitted time frame on your visa. You can enter as early as the first day on your visa and also delay it to the third last day on the visa.

No, you will not be arrested if you overstay in Turkey. You may be deported right away, heavily fined for not following the rules, or you may be permanently banned from Turkey

You can enter the country with a Schengen visa only under some conditions. This include, you have to be the national of any of the countries/territories eligible to apply for a Turkish e-visa for tourism or business, the airline you have chosen to travel with should have protocols with the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and you should have the necessary hotel reservation proof and financial means to support your stay.

The day you enter or leave doesn’t matter as long as it falls within the stipulated permitted time frame on your visa. You can enter as early as the first day on your visa and also delay it to the third last day on the visa.

Yes. The electronic visa is very legit. It is a legal way used by many nations of the world to gain entry to different countries of choice of which Turkey is not left out, only if your mission is for tourism or business.

No.The applicant should note that he/she bears full responsibility for the safety of the soft and hard copies version of the E-visa. Therefore, the E-visa should be protected and kept safe because the applicant will bear full responsibility for any inconvenient that may arise due to this



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