Travel to Turkey for Business Purposes

Business travel to Turkey is a common occurrence, offering numerous opportunities for foreign companies and businesspeople. This guide provides essential information on business visits to Turkey, including visa requirements and key details.

Travel to Turkey for Business Purposess

What Is a Business Visitor in Turkey?

A business visitor in Turkey is an individual who travels for international business activities but does not engage in actual employment within the country. 

Those seeking employment in Turkey are required to obtain a work permit and are not classified as business visitors.

Activities for Business Visitors in Turkey

Business visitors in Turkey can engage in various activities related to their business purposes, such as:

  • Business Meetings and Negotiations: Meeting with Turkish business partners and associates for discussions, negotiations, and collaborations.
  • Attending Industry Events: Participating in industry conventions, trade fairs, and congresses to network and explore business opportunities.
  • Courses or Training: Attending courses or training programs hosted by Turkish companies to enhance skills or knowledge relevant to their business.
  • Visiting Company Sites: Visiting sites owned by their company or exploring potential investment locations in Turkey.
  • Trading Goods or Services: Facilitating the exchange of goods or services on behalf of a company or foreign government.

Required Documentation for Business Visitors

To enter Turkey for business purposes, individuals must possess the following documentation:

  • Passport: A passport with a validity of at least 6 months beyond the intended date of arrival in Turkey.
  • Business Visa or e-Visa: A valid business visa or e-Visa for Turkey, depending on their nationality and the nature of their trip.

Business Visa vs. e-Visa for Turkey

For business travel to Turkey, it's essential to understand the visa requirements and options available. The appropriate visa depends on your nationality, the nature of your visit, and the activities you plan to engage in during your stay.

1. Türkiye Electronic Visa (e-Visa)

The Türkiye electronic visa (e-Visa) is a convenient option for business travelers who intend to visit Turkey for short business trips. Here are the key details:

  • Validity: The e-Visa is valid for 180 days from the date of application.
  • Entry Types: It can be issued as either a single-entry or multiple-entry visa.
  • Duration of Stay: Depending on your nationality, you can stay in Turkey for either 30 or 90 days within the validity period.

Advantages of the e-Visa

  • Faster Application Process: Applying for the Turkey e-Visa is quick and straightforward, reducing the time and effort required for the application.
  • Online Application: You can submit your e-Visa application from the comfort of your home or workplace, eliminating the need to travel to a Turkish embassy or consulate.
  • No Queuing or Waiting: The e-Visa process minimizes waiting times and queueing, streamlining your travel preparations.


Citizens of eligible countries can complete the online visa application for Turkey. To determine your eligibility, it's crucial to review the specific Turkey e-Visa requirements.

2. Business Visa

If you are ineligible for the Turkey e-Visa or if your business activities involve paid work or require an extended stay beyond the e-Visa's duration, you should obtain a business visa. Here are the key points to note:

  • A business visa must be acquired by applying in person at a Turkish embassy or consulate.
  • Part of the documentation required for the business visa application includes an invitation letter from the Turkish company or organization hosting your visit. This letter serves as proof of the purpose of your visit and may detail the business activities you plan to engage in.

In summary, for business travel to Türkiye, you have the option of obtaining an e-Visa for shorter business trips with specific activities allowed.

Turkey Business Travel Cities

Turkey offers various business destinations, with cities like Ankara and Istanbul being particularly popular:

  • Ankara: As the capital of Turkey, Ankara serves as an administrative and political center. Business travelers often arrive at Ankara Esenboga Airport, which connects them to the city.
  • Istanbul: Istanbul is a bustling metropolis that welcomes business travelers from more than 350 international destinations through Istanbul Airport, making it a prime hub for business-related activities.

In summary, Turkey is a dynamic destination for business travelers, with flexible visa options and a range of activities available for those visiting for business purposes. Whether you are attending meetings, exploring investment opportunities, or participating in industry events, Turkey offers a diverse and vibrant business environment.

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