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Refund Policy

Refund or Cancellation Policy

For Turkey Visa Service you will got 100% refund of your amount and all paid fee on our site will be refunded to your account if :-


Please note that the refund process may take 25 - 90 days or 180 days in certain cases due to payment gateway / banking procedures. Your funds will be credited to an account used during an order process in the most timely possible manner. If the refund is made to the Credit/Debit Card account or to Bank account, the bank charges would be debited from the refund amount.

On refund, Payment gateway such like paypal or others policy change effective 5 March 2020 includes the fact that PayPal or other payment gateway method will no longer reimburse the fees they charge to customers or merchants, if a customer got issued a refund. You can find more information about this in our new policy changes on paypal payment gateway website.

The refund amount would be worked out on the basis of cancellation policy as described above and the money would be accordingly refunded to the person who has made the payment to us.

Reflecting Law of Jurisdiction

We abide by the laws of England & Wales.

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